Website Security is Good Marketing

Imagine discovering from one of your customers that your site is down.

You type in your url and this is what you see..


Now I’m sure you’ll agree that this is not a good thing!

Right away, you realize that you may be losing sales if your site is set up for e-commerce in any way, and any efforts you have to get your site to rank well in search results are immediately thwarted when someone clicks through and see this ominous image.

But unfortunately, the repercussions could be far worse than they immediately seem!

  • Your website being hacked might also mean that it has been hijacked and used as a bot for an even more sinister purpose.  Imagine being investigated by the FBI because your chiropractor website was linked to some huge bank fraud scheme….I’ll show you what this is and how prevalent it is in the video below.
  • Your business reputation is tarnished and it will take some corrective measures to restore it – but who knows how many potential customers simply left your site never to be seen again when they saw that message..
  • You wonder, and rightfully so, if this is an isolated incident or just the tip of the virtual iceberg.  Feeling violated, you have no choice but to do an extensive security check of all your websites, files, servers, and even links and data everywhere…a lengthy, arduous, frustrating, and most likely expensive endeavor.
  • You wonder how long it has actually been hacked and if the search engines might even have flagged your site as a security threat to searchers.  This could literally remove your site from search results (and completely destroy any and all of your hard work and investments to show up in search results).  This alone could take months to restore, and sometimes may never be…

website securityAnd if you aren’t realizing it yet, a hack, which seems like an isolated and repairable incident could have severe (and costly) consequences.

The scary thing is that it happens so often!

As a marketing consultant (and business owner myself) I believe that protecting your website, your business, and your reputation is simply an insurance policy and smart marketing at the same time.

We recommend you immediately obtain a detailed security audit of your website.  CLICK HERE for more details.

Now in terms of security being good for marketing, we’ve already established how good website security acts as an insurance policy but there are also statistics that confirm online consumers are more inclined to purchase from secured websites.

For example, according to Trust-Guard, 71% of online consumers won’t shop on websites that do not display a security seal on transaction pages (or any page for that matter).  So security seals like the one below, are actually re-enforcing a company’s website brand at the same time.

McAfee confirms this statistic as well by featuring several companies reporting increases in sales by as much as 25% as a result of installing a security seal.

So what can you do now?

In this video, we discuss the prevalence of the hacking threat and we also show you how to fix a common WordPress vulnerability.  If you haven’t watched this yet, I suggest you do so and implement this fix right away.

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So, to conclude, we highly recommend you don’t try to play the odds with website security.   CLICK HERE to learn more about how a detailed security assessment can help you reduce site risk and you will even learn how you can get a Security Seal for your website.

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