How to Make Sure Your Website is Doing it’s Job

I guess before we get into answering this question, we should make sure that we have a common understanding of what exactly the purpose of your website should be. Do you know?

For most businesses a website is a place for potential customers to learn about the products and services you provide. But should it end there? Of course not!

With the amount of people using the internet as their main source of information in this day and age, the purpose of your website should be to guide them in to your business.

Now that can take on various forms and let’s be honest, it’s probably not realistic to think that if they happen on your site once out of the blue they will be searching frantically for a buy button, but you should be optimizing your site to drive them to a particular action.

An effective site is very clear in this objective and leaves little room for much else to happen.

Here are some examples to put this in more concrete terms.

Have you ever visited a website that made finding the company’s phone number seem like an impossible feat?  Maybe their number was in some small, tiny font at the bottom of the website? Or maybe it was listed on just one particular page of the website (not the home page) like the contact us page?  Or even worse, it’s not listed at all.

You probably agree that this is very frustrating for website visitors who are simply looking to get in contact with a business.  Make it easy and simple for your visitors to reach out to you to inquire about your products and services.  Your phone number should be very prominent on every page and preferably, you should have some kind of directive text telling your visitors to pick up the phone and call you.

When a visitor lands on your main page, what do they see?  Is it cluttered with all sorts of information and options for them to click through to other pages (hopefully yours).  Can they get confused or overwhelmed because there are too many choices?  Remember your goal is to get them to take a particular action down the path to becoming a customer.  Perhaps you have regular promotions or specials you want them to know about.  Or maybe you have a distinct feature about your products or services that differentiates your company from your competitors. These are the types of things that might draw the attention of your visitors – don’t dilute this message with a bunch of clutter. Design your site welcome page to drive them to it instead.

While displaying a phone number on your site is one way, keep in mind that not all visitors want to pick up a phone. What are your doing to entice them to request more information – and by the way, a simple Contact Us form just doesn’t work anymore!  You need to provide an irresistible offer to give up their email address and/or phone number.  An effective website design makes this offer very prominent and appealing.

We believe these 2 elements are the key building blocks of ANY WEBSITE and they should be the first things visitors see when they land on your page. You don’t want to force them to have to scroll down or click to another page to take this very important step.

An effective site design will not only make the visitor experience more enjoyable, but it will make your bottom line improve as well!  These basic changes, and then monitoring and adjusting as required, will quickly result in more online visitors taking these critical first steps to becoming customers – don’t let them slip away!

We provide complete web design services for a wide range of purposes.  So whether you are an author looking to promote your new book, a consultant who wants a professional-looking site that draws potential clients in to your services, a home-based entrepreneur wanting to establish an online presence, or even a real-estate agent wanting to differentiate yourself in your local area, we will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

If you already own a website, The Marketing Guerrillas provides free critique service that will highlight any improvements we suggest you make to improve your effectiveness at converting visitors into customers.  Simply click the button below to claim yours today.


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