How to Crack the Code of the Social Media Puzzle

Social Media Puzzle
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By now, you already know the importance of social media, right?

Social media has become one of the biggest forms of advertising and marketing for businesses of all sizes.  But for any business owner who has ventured into the world of social media, there is a quick realization that marketing your business on this medium is a tricky endeavour at best.

So what are some of the key elements successful businesses have in common when it comes to getting a positive ROI from social media?

To start with, you must ensure that your “brand” is congruent wherever you can be found on the web.  To understand what we mean by this, try this test:

Google your business name, and your name if you are a professional that is directly related to your business brand – like a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, etc.

Now based on the results that come up, what do you see?

  • Are there social media sites?  Are they your accounts?  Do you even know some of them existed or were talking about you or your business?
  • Are there directories and listings referring to your business?
  • Are the images the same on all the sites?
  • Are some images dated or irrelevant?
  • Is the look and feel of each of the sites reflective of your business?
  • Are there some that need to be updated, refreshed, or removed (this can sometimes prove to be difficult by the way)?
  • As a business owner, your website should be tied directly into your social media profiles.  Are they all linking back to your business website?
  • Do any have old addresses or contact information?  Is the address and contact information consistent for all of them?
  • How many of these sites and accounts do you actually manage and keep up to date on a regular basis?
  • If a potential customer tries to interact with you on one of these sites, can they?  Will they get an answer from you or does it get ignored?
  • Do any of these sites currently have active followers partaking in conversations or sharing your “stuff”?
  • Are there any good or bad reviews about your business or service?

This quick little audit is just to give you an idea of the complexity of the social media web and how arduous a task it can become to keep up with the times given that new social sites are popping up all the time like dandelions in the spring.

Without an effective social media marketing strategy and plan, a business owner can easily get sucked in to the time consuming task of managing all of it – and quickly conclude that it is simply not worth the effort.

But consider this for a moment…

  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world!
  • LinkedIn is the largest gathering place for professionals on the planet.
  • Pinterest (a simple photo sharing site) is the fastest growing social platform in history to reach the 10 Million user mark.  It has surpassed both Bing and Yahoo.
  • The Google behemoth, knows how important social media is and has been fine-tuning their Google+ platform for more than a year now.  In addition, recent Google search algorithm changes have given a significant weighting to a site’s standing in the search results based on the amount of social sharing activity that site generates.

So there is no denying the importance of including social media management in your marketing strategy.  The question is how to do it?

While your website is the “face” of your business online, social media is the “voice” for your business.  So it only makes sense to tie them in together.  Social media is free advertising and connects your business with a broader audience in a very personal and intimate way.

Keeping in mind the three E’s is a simple way to formulate an effective social media strategy.  That is you want to Entertain your audience, you want to Engage them, and you want to Educate them.  Remember that people are frequenting social platforms for completely personal reasons, they are not there looking to buy something.  You have to interact with them ON THEIR TERMS if you hope to have any success at all attracting new customers from this medium.  The beauty of social media is the limitless viral exposure that it can create for your business when done properly.

Many companies will choose to run promotions on their social media platforms and offer special incentives for people who connect with them there.  This can be effective but requires specific programming and monitoring to be done well.

Another popular method is link social media with a particular promotion or campaign so that you can capitalize on it’s viral nature.  An example of this is asking fans to submit THEIR entries for a new product name or advertisement, or voting on a shortlist.

Really, when it comes to social media, the sky is the limit but you must remember that the fans/followers are more interested in the experience you have to offer them than the actual product or service you are selling.

If you would like to discuss you social media situation or get some advice on a particular social media marketing project, or anything related to our services, The Marketing Guerrillas provides a no-obligation review of your business prior to making any service proposals.  This is completely free and requires no financial commitment on your part.

Our aim is to make sure we completely understand the problem and then offer the most effective solution to resolve it.  This is why we are so meticulous and insist upon a thorough analysis prior to commencing any work.

To get started, simply complete our contact form by clicking on the link below or requesting a callback at 514.268.9997.


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