Silly Thanks

Hey, It’s Patrick here.

I made this silly video for you.


Seriously, though. Thanks for putting your trust in the Marketing Guerrillas.  I know you will be impressed because we always deliver on our promises, and then deliver even more!

I want to over-deliver to you right now, but first let’s talk a bit about this video…

If you find these JibJab videos could be an interesting way to do some fun marketing, you are right. But there are a few limitations that we’ve noticed and that you should be aware of …

  • The first one is that these are Flash videos – if you have read any of the articles on our site, by now you know that using Flash for videos prohibits anyone that is viewing from an Apple mobile device such as iPads and iPhones from seeing your video – not a good idea if you are trying to target a mobile audience.
  • Also, JibJab has done a pretty good job of making their logo and brand prominent in the video so if you are trying to promote your own brand, it could be tricky.  Not impossible, but certainly not easy either.
  • You can embed the videos you make on your own website, you can post them on Facebook and even send the link via email, but you can’t download the videos.  I suppose this is to avoid people modifying them and infringing on copyright.

The bottom line is you can still do some fun stuff to get a chuckle from your customers and at the same time, get some exposure for your business.  Try it out!  It’s really inexpensive and you can find the link to JibJab below.

But back to our point about over-delivering…Here’s an example…

We are currently working on your file and I know you are anxious to see some tangible results but in the meantime, I’d like to give you a free gift that relates to a new project we have going on.

If you are interested in developing your personal brand, creating a whole new source of leads for your business and at the same time developing an alternate revenue stream, I encourage you to grab an advance copy of the new book I am working on when it comes available.

note: this will be an ebook on positioning yourself as an expert by publishing on Kindle

Since you’re already a customer of The Marketing Guerrillas, we’ll be giving you free access to our VIP list so you can get your advance copy for free as soon as it is published. Plus, when you register, I will also send you some cool videos that highlight some of the techniques we will be covering in the book.

So keep an eye out for that in your inbox and also for a few other juicy goodies we have in store for you as well!


That’s it for now.  Talk soon!

Chief Guerrilla, The Marketing Guerrillas

Click the image below to create your own JibJab account (I think it’s like $12 a year).  Plus, I’m not sure if it still works but if you would like 10% off your first year membership of JibJab, try entering coupon code BDAY10 at checkout.  A yearly membership is only $12 but you can save a couple of bucks this way.

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