What is Full-Service Online Marketing Consulting?

You have probably visited our Services page and came across one called Full Service Online Marketing Consulting.  Now you are wondering what exactly that is.

As we mention whenever we speak to a potential client, each business is different and their marketing needs differ as well.  It would be a complete disservice to our customers to assume that they all need exactly the same marketing services.  This is why we insist on a thorough diagnostic and needs assessment.

In some cases, business owners may be starting a business from scratch, or they may be doing a specific project like a product launch or a grand opening.  In these situations, it may be beneficial to take advantage of our holistic approach and build a campaign and marketing infrastructure from the ground up.

Here is an example of a Full Service Marketing Consulting mandate that serves to illustrate this scenario.

A local eatery has gone out of business and changed hands.  The new owner has a vision for his restaurant and is busy at work renovating the establishment over the winter months.  She plans a grand re-opening just in time for the May long weekend.

Being a wise entrepreneur, she knows that even though her doors are not yet open, she can still market her restaurant during the winter months and build a buzz leading up to the grand opening.  She contacts the Marketing Guerrillas to help her put together a strategy and plan of attack.

After an initial diagnostic, we propose a solution to the restaurant owner and get to work with her on developing an integrated marketing strategy and plan.  This is the first phase.  The new owner now has a roadmap that she can choose to implement herself or she can choose to retain our services for phase 2 and let us handle some or all of the elements that make up the plan to open her restaurant with a bang.

Our rates for this type of consulting service are usually based on an estimate of hours required to develop the strategy and plan during phase 1.  We then submit a separate quote for the components to execute that plan.
If you would like to discuss your situation or get some advice on a particular project, or anything related to our services, The Marketing Guerrillas provides a no-obligation review of your business prior to making any service proposals.  This is completely free and requires no financial commitment on your part.

Our aim is to make sure we completely understand the problem and then offer the most effective solution to resolve it.  This is why we are so meticulous and insist upon a thorough analysis prior to commencing any work.

To get started, simply complete our contact form by clicking on the link below or requesting a callback at 514.268.9997.


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