Effective Internet Video Marketing levels the playing field for Businesses

effective video marketingMost business owners think television commercials and infomercials when they hear the term “video marketing”, but the advertising landscape has changed dramatically over the last 30 years.

Check out these interesting facts:

  • A recent Financial Times article reported a Nielson and Kantar media study finding that as many as three quarters of television ads are viewed by only 20% of their intended target audience.
  • A study by comScore revealed that one in six Americans is not even reachable through television because they favour online or on-demand entertainment.  That’s 56 million viewers, by the way!
  • So while the television audience is shrinking, the price of television ads is not dropping nearly as much, and the law of supply and demand applies as companies still choose to advertise on television.  So, in addition to the cost of producing commercials, Adweek reports that the average price for a 30-second prime-time spot is still more than whopping $100 thousand!
  • On the other hand, Youtube is now the second largest search engine and third most popular website in the world with more than a third of internet users visiting daily!  Youtube reports that their videos are getting more than 4 billion views – per day!

Video marketing is not just television advertising, but it’s not just about throwing a silly video up on Youtube and expecting hordes of customers to come storming through your door, either (although I know you’ll agree that some folks have had silly videos go viral like this dog did with over 129 million views!)

Ultimate Dog Tease

4 Keys to Levelling the Playing Field with Internet Video Marketing

When considering internet video marketing for your business, keep in mind that your primary focus should be to inform and/or entertain.  If your video is boring it will not get viewed.  Plain and simple.

Next, your business video should provide information that viewers are seeking.  The key to doing this is to do thorough keyword research and producing a video that will get found.

Third, business owners must ensure that the videos they produce are reflective of their brand or image.  While this is not as critical a the first two elements, congruent brand representation throughout all your messaging makes the consumer experience more effective as they get to know, like, and trust you.  If your branding is all over the place, then the viewers may become confused or take longer to develop those affinities.  This is often referred to as message to market match that we’ll cover in a future article but for now, here’s an extreme example to illustrate my point;  I am looking for a good family chiropractor that has experience in sports-related injuries.  I decide to do a bit of research on the internet and search for “chiropractor in {your city} sports family”.  I end up with thousands of results and some of them are videos.

One of the videos is a Hollywood-type production that is really slick but just seems too commercial to get my trust.  My first reaction is, “if they have tens of thousands to spend on this commercial, they must be charging too much!”.  While this might not be the case and the quality of their commercial has nothing to do with the quality of their service, my perception as a consumer is my reality, and I form an opinion based on what I see.

The second video is one where the chiropractor takes us into his clinic, where we see people in the well-lit and comfortable waiting room and we quickly see into one of the clean and tidy adjustment rooms before getting to his office.  Once there, he answers a common question related to a sports injury and how his chiropractic treatment can help.  Is my impression going to be the same of this chiropractor?

Which do you think I would choose to learn more about?

Finally, and even with all these elements in place, your video still has to show up in search results and then outrank, or be listed above, the other savvy businesses out there who know what you know.  To do this, you need to ensure that the video is distributed, syndicated, and optimized to get ahead of your competition.  This is a very complex and time consuming process but it can be done.  Most businesses will turn to providers for this type of service, however, just because it makes economic sense to outsource this type of service.

In a future post, we’ll discuss the things you must know to avoid producing a boring video but we hope this article helped you realize how the use of video marketing can help you with your business.

If you would like to discuss some ideas or get some advice on a particular internet marketing video project, or anything related to our services, The Marketing Guerrillas provides a no-obligation review of your business prior to making any service proposals.  This is completely free and requires no financial commitment on your part.

Our aim is to make sure we completely understand the problem and then offer the most effective solution to resolve it.  This is why we are so meticulous and insist upon a thorough analysis prior to commencing any work.

To get started, simply complete our contact form by clicking on the link below or requesting a callback at 514.268.9997.


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