Does a website really bring new customers?

search optimized website design servicesHow many times have you heard someone talking about ‘Googling’ a product, a service or even a business?  If you do not have a website, what happens when someone ‘Googles’ your business?

Sure, the name of your business may come up with the address and the phone number, but is that really enough to get someone to call or walk into your establishment?  Chances are, probably not.  How can this be, given the fact that today, consumers are used to being able to get what they want and need in a very timely fashion thanks to the internet.

Well, let’s say your business deals with plumbing and repair and you don’t have a website.  A consumer in your area has a plumbing emergency and does not have the time to pull out the good old Yellow Pages (assuming they still have one somewhere).  So they quickly hop online and do a local search for a plumbing and repair company.

For the sake of this particular scenario, let’s say two results come up; one is your competitor who has a professional website that details all the services they provide… and (luckily) the other one is your business, which shows up  as only a name and phone number thanks to a Google Places business listing or some other directory listing you may not even know about.

Assuming he is not familiar with either business, who do you think the customer is going to choose?

Who would you choose? Especially in a time of crisis…

If the customer likes what he sees on the competitor’s website, and there is a simple way for him to get in touch with that business, there is no doubt they will choose the business has has more information that the customer can identify with.  It is all based on a principle of knowing, liking, and trusting.

The business that is better positioned to establish a know, like, and trust rapport with the consumer – wins.  Period.

Without a website, there is a great chance that you are losing potential customers.  It’s like showing up to play a round of golf without a putter.

Try this exercise to see for yourself;

Go on Google (or your search engine of choice) and type a search term you think a potential customer might use if they were looking for a particular service you provide – for example, think of them searching for a solution to a particular problem.  Remember, your focus is not on those who already know you, so the search term WILL NOT BE your business name.  Okay, now what are the results?

If you were a consumer, who would you call?  And if it’s not your business, ask yourself ; “why not?”

Now as a business owner myself, I know you already deal with a lot of challenges, and let’s face it, the world of onsite and offsite website optimization and all that techy stuff behind website design is really just going to bog you down and take you away from stuff you really should be focusing on.  But don’t fall into the trap of believing a fancy website is all you need for hordes of new customers to come flooding in. It simply is not the case.

You need to ensure your site is designed to quickly establish the know, like, trust relationship and you must also ensure that the website is designed and optimized to specifically attract the customers you are seeking.

This is much more complicated than it seems and the reality is that you can’t just do it once and forget about it.  There are constant changes being made to search algorithms and you must also also ensure that your website remains fresh and appealing to visitors, but we’ll cover these elements in future posts.   But, in the meantime, if you would like to contact us to ask questions or learn more about how the services we offer can help you, please be sure to to complete our contact form by clicking on the link below or requesting a callback at 514.268.9997.



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