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groupesynergos-2From the desk of Patrick Pressoir, Chief Guerrilla

In late 2012, I decided to start The Marketing Guerrillas to help business owners, like you, improve the find-ability of their business online.

As a seasoned online marketer, I noticed time and again many business owners within my circles attempt to “go online” with their business without any overriding strategy or plan.  Many were unsuccessful, most had no clue what they “should” be doing, and all pretty much were resigned to the idea that being online was just another business expense – NOT TRUE!

I also found that many failed to see the true potential an internet presence offered their traditional business. While some knew there was a way, they either did not have the time themselves or the resources to really understand how to leverage an online presence.

billboard in desert
Finally, I discovered that several were spending way too much for fancy websites that didn’t provide any measurable returns.  Far too many were duped into thinking that flashy graphics and expensive programming was the solution they needed.

Thousands of dollars later, their site is generating about as much new business as a billboard in the middle of the desert.

My business background and my expertise in problem-solving, publishing, and multi-channel marketing makes for a unique ability to come up with innovative marketing solutions for my clients.

As Chief Guerrilla, I partnered with the best of the best in the industry and created The Marketing Guerrillas so we can offer all the services to meet the needs of our clients today.   For some, these solutions may be highly sophisticated and long-term while for others, they can be very pointed and tactical marketing campaigns like a new restaurant opening, for example.

The Marketing Guerrillas is wholly owned by Groupe Synergos Inc. and we are honored to help our clients implement the latest and most effective marketing innovations that help them get (and stay) ahead of their competition.  In addition, we are extremely excited to be certified independant marketing advisors for one of the top online marketing companies in the world, DotComSecrets.  Because of this partnership, The Marketing Guerrillas can now offer a complete range of quality services that cannot be found anywhere else under one banner.

As a result, we pride ourselves in our ability to find creative and effective solutions to maximize our clients marketing ROI.

I do hope you allow us to help you improve your marketing profitability.


Patrick Pressoir

Chief Guerrilla

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